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    I was so happy to find a beach side restaurant that actually offers a vegetarian protein. Like, how many places do we need that serve fish and oysters? Anyways, Hook’d Pier Bar & Grill has a nice mix of cuisines while keeping with traditional beach side restaurants. The menu is actually interesting and unique. The location is perfect if you’re in the Pier Park area.

    As far as my food –

    1. Cheese Curds – Fair price, fair portion. Enjoyed the cheese curds.
    2. Vegetarian Wings – From what I could tell, they were Morning Star Buffalo Wings. This is a situation where being knowledgeable in frozen vegetarian food probably worked against me as I said, basically, I know how much these cost and where I could buy them. If I never had them before or was a new vegetarian, I would have been more impressed. It is worth an extra star to me though that this restaurant bothered to provide them which is more than 99% of restaurants do(how hard is it to keep a frozen mercy protein for vegetarians at Applebees for instance?)
    3. Veggie Tacos – Probably the best part of the meal due to knowing so much about #2. The toppings were good. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chips or beans.

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    Great prices and large portions served.

    My Breakfast Hot Plate is something I’ve not had before at a breakfast place(I usually stick with pancakes) but I was very impressed. The prices and service were all very good. I hope to explore more of the menu for breakfast and also try the grilled cheese variations for lunch sometime. Only downside to lose my appetite is Fox News on the TV.

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    No tofu, boring teriyaki, high prices and fairly unfriendly staff when we visited. Is there any friendly staff in Pier Park?
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    So thumbs up to this place. So far it’s the best pho base I’ve had in Florida from the few options on the panhandle that I’ve tried. The broth itself was VERY flavorful compared to what we’ve had. The summer roll was as good as anything else I’ve had. The interior is very nice with some uplifting pop music(a nice change over some of the other places). My only concern is I’m not sure if the vegetable soups are supposed to have tofu or not but neither of ours came with any. We didn’t ask so I’m not going to knock them on this but usually vegetable pho comes with tofu but this one didn’t.
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    I don’t say this lightly but probably one of the better pizza places I’ve had delivered in my lifetime.

    The “White Cheezy” minus bacon was a vegetarian delight. The taste was very welcome and the butter garlic sauce+garlic was an amazing combo.

    The other pizza I tried was a simple thin crust jalapeno, pineapple and green olives cut in squares. The sauce and crust were both some of the best I’ve had.

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    My first time in a Chipotle chain in a while.

    I’d say it definitely doesn’t hold up to other similar restaurants in the area like BARBERITOS and I prefer Qdoba as well.

    Prices were kinda high and the selection of toppings was pretty low. The vegetarian burrito wasn’t bad and I recommend the green salsa(tomatillo). The people working there seemed miserable like most of the Pier Park stores.

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    I went here on a rather non-busy day and got good service. Menu was expensive and not many options that I entertained being a vegetarian anyway. That said, the appetizer we got (fried pickles) was actually quite good! We went for the half priced hurricanes(was after a hurricane) and the amount of alcohol in the $6 seemed reasonable. I’m not sure I’d pay full price but they do the job. The views and interior and exterior of the restaurant are all great. Service was on point.
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    As a vegetarian, I didn’t expect much of the food at Spinnaker’s but I enjoyed what I did receive.

    The cheese curds with dipping sauce was excellent. As far as the salads, they seemed overpriced for not having meat and being a fairly average portion size.

    Alcohol to me here is expensive. I was asking the waittress how much the dirty martini was and she ended up coming back with the martini rather than the price – it was quite expensive for what I’d expect from a rail martini. The beer/regular prices are not bad for the establishment and all the sites/sounds it offers. I very much like the expansiveness of the building and the ocean side views. I will definitely be back.

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    So, gave this place a second chance recently and increased from a 1* to a 3*. The food to me is average after having many similar experiences with mexican food(kinda how chinese take-out places are homogenized).

    The lacking areas on my first visit was the food(burned/overcooked) and service(very VERY slow-nearly an hour wait for food.) I would say that it was definitely an off-day as this time it was far more respectable(even with a fairly busy restaurant). Next I shall try the veggie fajita but the bean burrito/cheese enchiladas are both good choices.

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    Firstly, GREAT service. This to me almost earned a star on its own. The girl we had helping us(can’t recall name as it was a few weeks ago) was great at stocking our chips, salsa and drinks wayyyy ahead of us even thinking about it. Good small talk and menu suggestions also!

    As far as the food goes – I’ll give it credit for not tasting like anywhere else. I wouldn’t say I like it as much as more of the authentic places back home BUT I would rate it better/comparable to other local restaurants beachside that I have already ate at. I’d probably consider the flavors more interesting and daring. The hot sauces unfortunately weren’t restaurant prepared(which was surprising) but they had a nice selection of store bought options.

    The Taco Salad I got was good but not as good as Barberritos simply because it lacked really any dark lettuces..just your typical iceberg lettuce. I plan on exploring more of this menu in future visits. The interior/building is NICE.

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