Review Guidelines

1. Overall Rating

The overall rating of a restaurant is based upon your sum score of the restaurant based upon your diet – whether vegan or vegetarian. This is generally based upon the food quality, service and your desire for future visits.

2. Vegetarian Options

Specifically, this is for Lacto Ovo Vegetarian – the standard vegetarian diet. This is MENU OPTIONS that may include cheese, eggs or dairy BUT excludes MEAT and FISH. The options doesn’t necessarily mean you think it was good food but hey, they offer options on the menu for Vegetarian.

3. Vegan Options

This is for menu options that skip on MEAT, CHEESE AND EGG. Basically, any animal byproduct – even honey.

4. Price Per Person

This is the typical cost per person for a menu item. It’s a general idea of how expensive a place is(or isn’t.)

What else do I need to know?

No Need to be Nasty. This means no threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, etc.

You are unbiased in your review. Don’t smear the competition. Don’t praise your friends.

No promotional reviews from the restaurant owner – you can do this in the Featured Listing section.

Review what’s relevant to the restaurant – not what you dislike about their ideas or employment history.

Don’t post photos of others, no full names, etc.

Write your own reviews!

No extortion of restaurants for reviews, negative or positive.

Forum/Community Rules

No flaming or trolling other members.

No sexual, pornographic or lewd messages or posts.

Report problems to administrators.

You may be banned or deleted WITHOUT NOTICE or EXPLANATION if we deem it such.

Posting and being a member of this community is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.